Ashly’s Baby Quilt

Ashly's Baby Quilt

Ashly's Baby Quilt


This is a detail shot of the pattern that was screenprinted.

This is the “modern” baby quilt that I made for my friend, Ashly’s baby boy. The pattern and idea came from “Printing by Hand” by Lena Corwin. I screenprinted the fabric for the front and purchased the fabric for the back. Constructing the quilt was really simple and the book had really nice instructions. I really enjoyed screenprinting with random screen placement. I am going to try to develop some different designs that use this same technique.


2 thoughts on “Ashly’s Baby Quilt

    • Thanks! It’s natural muslin to make it look a little more earthy. The backing fabric is just a white spirograph-looking print on orange fabric. I bought it a Hobby Lobby and I don’t know the name of the designer. It’s not Amy Butler, but I love her stuff!

      You have a great blog! I am just getting started so I love looking around at other great blogs. Thanks for commenting. 🙂

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