Crocheted Dish Scrubber

Crochet Dish Scrubber

One side for scrubbing and one for washing.

Green Dish Scrubber

Green scrubber and the packaging.

I decided to make crocheted dish scrubbers this year as a little gift for my closest friends and family that we don’t exchange gifts with. Bryan’s Aunt Veda gave one of these magical things a few years ago and I loved it! We used it until it fell apart literally. I knew that it had been crocheted, so I set trying to find out how to crochet a dish scrubber. There are many sites that have patterns for this dish scrubber, but I chose to use this great pattern with a few slight moderations. I used the nylon for one “side” of the pot scrubber and worsted cotton yarn for the other. I single crocheted them together and stuffed a little extra nylon in the center to make it “puffy”. They turned out great!

For the packaging: I had some small acetate sleeves left over from another project, so I used those to package the “Dish Scrubber”. I printed the labels on some circular labels that I picked up at Paper Source on our last trip to Chicago. I put the scrubber in the sleeve, folded it over and stuck a label on it. It’s always a amazing to me how a little package or sticker can dress up any handmade item.


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