The Austerity Project (January)

Austere Definition

Let the fun begin . . .

The new year is here and isn’t that the best time to make a change? To start new? I think so! This January I am trying a little experiment. My mother has named it the “austerity project.” It was her clever plan and I decided to jump on board. This January we are both trying to spend as little money as possible to see exactly what we can get by with and just how resourceful we can be. My little family spends $700 a month on food, diapers, paper products, personal hygiene items etc. I was shocked to realize this when I tallied up just a few months’ receipts. It got me wondering, how much of that is REALLY essential? How much of that spending is on things we don’t REALLY need? How much of that is a result of shopping out of boredom? How much could I cut out and use towards something I really want, like a trip back to Switzerland or a new laptop?

So, this month I am hoping to find out just how far I can stretch our money. At the very least, I am hoping that this experiment will give me an actual dollar amount saved. But, I am also hopeful that it will give me (and my hubby) an ALL NEW perspective on how and why we spend money.

I will update this blog about how things go over next few weeks—what I am learning and what I am spending. I will have a small weekly budget of $25 to purchase milk and a few produce items that we need each week. My goal is to stay below $100 for the entire month and to try to use as many items that we have as possible. It’s going to be a fun and frustrating month, so stay tuned!


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