The Austerity Project: Week #1 Grocery Shopping

Shopping Trip Week 1

All the items purchase on my Week #1 Shopping Trip

I decided using cash for the few groceries that I would need to buy this month would be my best bet, so this week I took out $100 cash. I scanned all the sale ads, coupon match-up sites and made a list of the very few things I needed or thought would be a good use of the grocery budget. Keeping in mind that I am trying to stay at about $25/week. I had a very old $10 Hyvee gift card that I won that I was going to try to use and some Target gift cards that I received as rebates from previous purchases that I could use too. I made a very strategic plan and I purchased all of the stuff in the picture above for $15.15 out of pocket. My total at Target was $16.26 (for the Christmas clearance items, chicken nuggets and cheese). I used gift cards at Target so those items were FREE. My total at Hyvee came to $25.15, but my $10 card worked, so I walked out spending only $15.15 out of my budget for Week #1.


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