Package Design: Car Seat Monitor

Car Seat Monitor

I have always loved package design. Even before I was a designer, I was a package snob. Yes, I buy based on what I think of a package. (But then again, who doesn’t? Seriously.) Since leaving Purina in 2007, I haven’t had a chance to really work on any package design development until a few months ago. I have been working with Bob Steffen, owner/developer of the Car Seat Monitor. This is a revolutionary item that I feel is going to really make a big splash in the child safety world. It’s a device that works with your SmartPhone to help keep your child safe in the backseat. It’s an amazing little gadget.

Bob came to me and asked me to help create a package design that would really speak to women and not alienate men. We wanted it to really be a product that moms would want and want to buy for their friends. The package needed to show the technical aspects but also stay friendly. So I got to work creating the initial concepts. My plan was to have 3, but somehow I ended up with 8 designs. And after Bob shopped around the original 8 designs, 3 came out on top. These are three packages that Bob will be showing at the trade shows over the next few months. Eventually it will be narrowed down to 1 package, but for now it’s fun to see how people feel about each of the three designs.

This project was so much fun! It combine a few of my passions—package design, designing for moms and kid products. It was a great project and I am excited to be part of it.


Poster Design: 2011 Midwest Wine and Brew Festival Poster

2011 Midwest Wine Brew Fest PosterA few weeks ago I completed the brand spankin’ new logo for the 2011 Midwest Wine and Brew Festival. This great event will be taking place here at the Lake of the Ozarks in August. To help the Lake Area Chamber of Commerce spread the work about the event I designed a fun poster with details about the event and a listing of sponsors and vendors.

LO PROFILE: Favorite Spreads from May/June and July/August


May and July 2011 Covers

May June 2011 Trent Green

It’s that time again! Time to show off some of my latest work on L•O PROFILE Magazine. This post shows some of my favorite spreads from our last two issues. Both are really great issues. May/June issue featured former NFL quarterback, Trent Green. The July/August issue is a double cover issue featuring actor, Jeff Branson. Can you believe we are already rolling on September/October? For more info, visit

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